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Life of a High School Demon *1x1 open*

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Life of a High School Demon *1x1 open*

Post by MizhoSohma on Wed Sep 17, 2014 5:35 pm

My freshmen year of high school began amazingly. I mean, I wasn't popular but I had plenty of friends and my best friend. We did everything together, except change. As in I tried to grow up and gain a future while she became a hothead cheerleader who cared more for boys. She and I both had a crush on this boy, and when he chose me, well, she wouldn't forgive me. She had all our friends convinced I only dated him because I knew she liked him. So all my friends hated me. In the third quarter of the year she convinced him of that as well and I experienced my first break up, but it wasn't that heartbreaking because I didn't care too much for him. Since then she has made my life hell and humiliated me for two and a half years. But this new boy I have started seeing, but not dating, was one she would never be interested in. That's why when I started to like him and knew he didn't care for her, I felt this might be something that would work for me for once.

Name: Angela Roberts
Age: 17
Race: fire demon
Bio: I come from a small family with moderate wealth. I have always been serious but I do have a playful side. Despite everything in high I have focused on my grades very well and my mental state hasn't fluctuated over any of their jokes.
Looks: short, straight red and white with some orange in the middle hair, green eyes, full lips, usually painted fingernails, long eyelashes, slim figure hidden under hoodys, and about 5'7"

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