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Please Read The Rules.

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Please Read The Rules. Empty Please Read The Rules.

Post by Daughter of Nyx on Fri Mar 07, 2014 3:57 am

The rules are pretty straight forward, and there is really no reason not to read them.

1. Respect; to ensure that we all have an enjoyable experience here, we need to show respect to everyone on this forum. In case this rule is not followed there are certain steps that can be taken.
-Confront the person disrespecting you over private message.-If that doesn't work, or you don't want the conflict, contact a Mod (they are the orange names Please Read The Rules. 99LC754_lwaUxnNf2xKblNVK5SStfYbzG6glhRt2BtHI3rH8ZXXn36IkQSyUsZ3XlGGtJ-uugNVDtAPJIuuhrMoC0BR9DC81N_qeen38CLcl8YyQNWPA0hM88Se5uA)
-If that doesn't work, or it is a Mod who is being disrespectful, contact an Admin (we are the red guys Please Read The Rules. 9fc6DH_1nJWq0J1KC_vlBmWXV2ZkhTJmiBDuhIpiEDRvXJe7Dm79JBALa9doNu3VI3bV-XHk0uaFonOZ3vMGLqRQi2j7Ooxc3j4h9s6nOs4y-BozbMjW3NA_xCDMrQ)
[Basic Chain Of Command Please Read The Rules. Icon_biggrin]

2. Absolutely no cyber bullying. This will result in more drastic actions being taken! This also takes into account of "cybering". This is not excepted at all. All open forums are PG 13.

3. No God Moding (unless you have written permission by the user whom you will be God Moding), in other words, you are not powerful enough to control all the characters in a roleplay you are part of.

4. Unless you are invited to a closed rp, please remember not to start posting. As for the creators of roleplays, please remember to post in your title whether it is closed or not ([closed] or [x] are good examples of this). Roleplay Authors; please remember that you must state if the roleplay is closed!

5. If you want to inform another member of a different website, please do so over Private Message. Seeing it in signatures and/or plastered throughout roleplays and other places throughout the site; happens to be disrespectful to our graphics, design, and staff teams.

6. Please do not Spam. If you are not aware of what spamming is please see the enclosed quote;
Urban Dictionary wrote: someone being a dumbass on a forum and posting useless crap of no relevance or amusement.
7. Please refrain from using "Social Shorthand Lingo", unless of course your character is texting or using a form of social media. Social Shorthand Lingo is the fine art of shortening words or the use of abreviations. Unless of course this is acceptable to the roleplay's author (in which case this should be stated in the introduction).
(e.g. OMG, LOL, LMFAO, BRB, YU no tlk 2 me?, ACC, OMW, and so on)

8. Please refrain from using one-line or short postings, unless otherwise specified by the roleplay's author. If you accept such posts, please remember to post this in the introduction of your roleplay for appropriate moderation of your thread. Most roleplayers prefer more detail to go on in order to appropriately make their character act.

9. List an appropriate amount of information for the players of your roleplay. This rule is stated for all roleplay authors. If you do not give enough information, it is hard for a roleplay to take place, if there are any exceptions to any rules stated; this must also be listed in your introductions of your roleplays.

10. Here at the Night Owl, we try and keep everyone up to date with changes that will be made, please do your part in finding out what these changes are by checking the Bullitain Board, Announcements and Stickies as you see a new topic, or as often as you can. This will also help you become a better roleplayer as we go along and grow together.

11. Inactive roleplays will be paused after 2 weeks of inactivity, closed after 4 weeks. If for some reason there are extenuating circumstances preventing you from posting, or if you would like to pause something, please get a hold of one of our staff members for help in this area.

12. If you are not posting in the "Mature" Section, please remember to keep your creativity and imagination in your posts to a PG13 level. We do have younger people on our site that do not need or want to see anything sexually explicit or vulgar (including swearing).
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