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Lost pack with the Hollows

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Lost pack with the Hollows Empty Lost pack with the Hollows

Post by RavenLight on Tue Apr 29, 2014 1:05 am

Dear to my Readers,
I hope you enjoy this story that I have came up. And yes Boonville Indiana is a really place. I live there hehe so why make up a place that no one can be at? Maybe would make it more so that I could make a story better as I could build the town around the story but I thought that would cut into time that I have to write the story. As the title said it is for a Writing Challenge for another site and it has to be done in 10 days... so it coming on me fast but I wanted to share it will all my forum families. So I hope you do enjoy it
Thank you

Lost pack with the Hollows.

We are the Hollows
Into the darkness of the Meadow
Come and bath in our Light…
 Come and bathe in our lights
the light that takes the life from Thee
As the Hollows will rest in the bones in the Meadow.
So the stories come and go but some still paints the lives around a growing town. Where they had heard whispers of the Hollows, some can’t remember what the Hollows were. The ones that kind of remembers there was a picture of the old court house and it was surrounded around a meadow.  Some people say that the Hollows lived in the meadow. In the fog and mist that would hang over meadow there were shiny bright lights that would seem to echo with voices. Though there was only a few that knew this and they were all thought to be old and crazy.
Even some things shouldn’t be forgotten but sometimes people forget to believe in things. Though some people thinking that if you believe something they would be subjected to the odd deaths around the town, as the town grow around the court house and the more they build the least of the meadow was shown. The rolling hills over wild flowers was gone even filled up the little creek that run along the meadow.

A Hollow once was a pretty fairy like creature until
humans broke the promise they made to them.

Credits: Picture is from Hellboy2 of their Tooth fairy
Lost pack with the Hollows Fairy
Flash back: The Lost of Rose Miller...
“Hush child, Thee must pay thee dues… as we all must pay dues to the Hollows…” was all a young mother could tell her child that had yet ended her third year of schooling. Her child was sick and dying do to the cruse that had been passed down through the families that chose to live in this small town that was slowly growing.  They had forgotten about the pack between them and the Hollows. Though this was just a city ghost story right?

The child sweating had sweat dripping form her forehead as she was gasping out as if something was sitting on her chest as she held tightly to her mother not wanting to be alone. Alone the lights would come dancing around in her room. As they would sing their song, a song that many wouldn’t remember.

“Drip with sweat to feel our creak back. Thy bones will make new homes for the young Hollows. Thy flesh will keep our lights burning bright for another year.” The little demon that was no bigger than a hand with long flapping wings like flies. Their deep red eyes that was like small beams looking at the child that was nearly fallen to death, their sharp teeth tapping as if to make the child think they was going to eat her.  As she tighten her grip on her mother.

“The Hollows that live in the Meadow, comes for Thee and thee should be gratefully for they have chosen thee.” The mother spoke to the child once more just petting her head as she looked off with dead eyes as she couldn’t believe that her family would lose such things. She wanted to go and tell her mother she was sorry for not believing her and her yelling out as she allowed the men to drag her way.

The echo of her mother screaming now playing in her head, “The Miller family is next…” she cried out as she was thrown into the van to be speed away to a home where she was now under heavy medications that don’t stop the woman from dreaming of what her granddaughter would undergo. 

All the hollows wanted was their home back but it was never going to be the same not since the humans keeps taking and taking even then they haven’t had enough. They wanted to drink the world of everything but give nothing back to the world. Well the Hollows are not such beings to sit back and allow the humans not to give something back to the earth that they are slowly killing with their building and their cars and the roads that cover the rivers and creeks.  The humans had made a pack with them many years ago before the built their courthouse on their lands and that was to live with the land such as the Hollows did.

As the mother was helpless to stop whatever it was going on with her young daughter. Soon the child screamed out, “MOMMMYY!” she cried out as her eyes went like still like glass only to watch her body be lifted from her mother’s arms and disappear in the sound of the Hollows sing, “One more to go… and the pack re-known.” 

Though the mother cried out tears falling from her face, “You will pay for what you have done to us humans.” She cried out of anger she throw her shoe out the window. There was nothing more she could do. The blood must be paid for what the town was doing to the Hollows.  There was more to come the mother knew it but yet she was not sure what.

Present Day: October: Hunted Bus Tour: Old Court House.
Model: Jared Leto

Lost pack with the Hollows 936full-jared-leto134x150_zps7c7f2195

It was the darkest time of the year. October and the town had been in a uproar with hunted house showing and hunted tours of many odd unsolved disappeared in the long history of the town of Boonville, Indiana.  This town has many rich ghost stories throughout the town.  There is the ghost of Black Annie by the park and the hunting of the old school house on Walnut Street and even the very court house that was once in the middle of a meadow that is now the heart of the town, the meadow that the Hollows once lived that was now cover with buildings and roads.

Jack sighs lightly as he was waiting for the people to gather for the hunted bus tour. As he knew his words to tell everyone it was all just lines like a play it was all about delivering them the right way to bring them in and scare them and make them wonder. Jack had even started to wonder about these new things that came up called the Hollows. He never heard of any stories of the Hollows but he wonder if they were linked to the odd disappeared around the town when it first started to gotten started as town. 

As the people had started to load up on his black bus, he smiled at himself as everyone was loaded up, “Welcome everyone for a ride to remember.” He said in his best spooky voice. He was wearing a coat and top hat something that would come out of a movie of the town grave digger.  He smiled more at them, “I am going to try to take you deeper into the town history than the common stories. Such as the court house and it hangings or even the death chilling of the black woman who lost her baby, Black Annie.” He said with a smile, “We going to go down the road of the unknown of the Hollows.” He said with chilling voice as he looked around to see how people would reacted to the name Hollows. None of them seemed to scared yet.

Model Taylor Momsen

Lost pack with the Hollows Another-Taylor-MOmsen100x150_zps61d21c24
He tap Jane’s shoulder who was driving the bus, “Buckle up my dearies because we are going to go deep into the darkness of parts of Boonville. And may the Hollows never come to get your bones.” She said with that followed with an evil laugh she was about mad look on her face as she slowly started to pulled out of the parking lot of the High school. She slowly made their way to the Court house that was only a few blocks away. 

“We are the Hollows, Into the darkness of the Meadow ,Come and bath in our Light…Come and bathe in our lights, the light that takes the life from Thee, As the Hollows will rest in the bones in the Meadow.” Jane started to sing as if she was calling out the Hollows themselves.  Some looked at her as if she was mad or not even sure what to think.

An older man about in his 30’s looked at the younger driver and host of the tour, “This better be worth the money we paid to ride a bus.” he didn’t looked too happy about Jane’s singing but Jack had thought she had a lovely voice but then again he was in love with her since the 3rd grade but never had the guts to tell her.

Model: Jon Hamm

Lost pack with the Hollows 37853109x150_zps898f32ee
“I am sure you will enjoy the ride like others have.” Jack said with a cool voice as Jane stop at the court house. Some looked confused about them stopping at the courthouse. The same man looked at him puzzled.  “I know what you all must be thinking, if you wanting something new in the scary stories why have you brought us here of all places?” he asked them with a smile still not daring to show his disliked for the man’s outburst.

“I wanted you to close your eyes and go way back and slowly take this road and all the roads in Town and see them gone. All the buildings but a few here and there, back when the town was just farm lands and Meadows as far as the eye can see.” He said as he waited for them to see it, “Can you see it?” he asked pausing to hear their reactions as many said yeah.

“Now, back when the town was first made there are odd records of glowing bright lights all around the court house. These lights were from fairies that are called the Hollows.” As Jane was lightly singing the same chant as before the got there, he didn’t know why but it gave him chills. As if she knew just wanted to do to scare someone, well it was working on him but Jack wonder if it was working on their riders.

Some of the kids seemed looked scared, “They were not as dark as they soon grew to be.  They were peacefully Hollows with beautifully wings of all kinds of color. Sound even said they was like min Angles sent to watch over us. All they asked in return was the Meadow they lived for many years before humans came alone to this town. “Jack spoke to them as he walked along the seats looking each side as he walked along.

“But of course humans didn’t care thinking something so small couldn’t hurt them.  So they took the Meadow from the Hollows. Just as in our history of taking things that didn’t belong to us in the first place and making it ours. Even taking from the Hollows brought down sickness that would soon take over the land of which the settlers used to grow their food.” He added as Jane slowly started to get louder with her singing. 

That was sending chills through them as Jack looked at her almost scared thinking of the meaning that the guest on the bus would soon find out. Jack didn’t even know what would take them but he thought this would be different from all other tours.

“Though even this didn’t stop the humans to take from the Hollows, so they took from the human, eye for and eye.  They came from the children of the growing town. Those that had signed the Pack with the Hollow lost all of their children.  One by one they just disappeared and their parents wouldn’t know where they went all but one Dear old Edna Miller. But we will get there soon enough.” Jack said as Jane smiled slowly humming the same beat of the chant as she drove along.

Jack smiled at everyone one in the bus as Jane dove along, “Hollows was just misunderstood creatures they just wanted a place to call home. They were just here to make peace and hope of a better tomorrow but the humans didn’t want that. They just wanted to take and take until there will be nothing left of the world they share with other things.” He said as he was very passionate about Ego system and the health of animals not wanting to see things go to wasted and burning of trees and things of that nature but that was not why he was speaking of so much of the Hollow.

He saw and understood them unlike those before him. His eyes was looking out of the window he was kind of hypocrite at this moment, using a bus unsteadied of a horse pulled carted thinking that people wouldn’t come if it was like a hay ride. A bus had heating and keep people warm for the long 3 hour tour.

Flashback: Mr. Miller and Son...
Mr. Miller’s face had soon twisted from the loss of his wife and his daughter now faced to deal with his son so young. Little one needed a mother but all he had was just darkest of what they pointed at his mother but they wonder how the man holding the young child is still going. The whispers about the woman that he once loved and always loved that gave him two lovely children. The hate for the whispers painted on the man’s face as he walked through the town with child on his hip much of what a woman would. As he try to rock the child, the smell of his mother still clinch to the child only bring his father more pain that anyone would know.

“There goes the child of the crazy woman Miller… when they found her… she was wearing but one shoes… she was screaming much like a mad man… she had lost her mind…” whisper a woman that saw Mr. Miller walking through the streets with the child crying as it was hungry and the father couldn’t give it the milk it need.
He cold dark blue eyes didn’t look toward the court house as he walked by. The as the noose was still swing even though it was not only his wife that hung by that very rope but others too, still it hunted the man as the wound was still new and fresh to him. This once proud man looked to be nothing more than a crazy beast as he walked along the streets. The child only hanging to life as many didn’t see the little demons that were following the father and child.

Though the father in the hush of night when the child finial slips off to sleep he can still hear whispers. Whispers that would drive any loving father and husband to become dark and mad inside his mind yet wake up in the morning and acted as if nothing was going on. These whisper… always digging into his mind like a sharp knife slowly turning into the back of his head almost as if it was trying to get to his brain.
In the Miller’s house late at night as the son is fast sleep Mr. Miller can hear the voices. “Hollows there is but one more…  and the debt repay in blood and bones. Thy lights may never fade.” An older voice seemed to say to the darkness around the man.

“Thus the child may not live… must make homes from the bones…” a younger one said sound much like his daughter speaking. As this voice would bring tears to the man’s eyes.  This was some cold joke in his mind. As it was being twisted in his mind and he couldn’t take it much more.

“Leave us voice.” He would call out holding close to his child much like his wife did with their dear Rose. The child voice of a hollow whimper low but still started to sing almost as tears would from in the voice itself.

“We are the hollows, we lived in the meadows. Come bathe in our lights come bathe in the our lights, the light that takes the life from Thee, As the Hollows will rest in the bones in the Meadows. “The child Hollow sang out as tears falling from her eyes as the older Hollow hissed at the child.

“Thy is one of the Hollows, Thy feels nothing for Human… Thy shall remember this…” the old one hissed and growled at the child Hollow. As nothing come from the child Hollow but Mr. Miller tears flow for the child. Though he clinch to his son tighter almost making it hard for the boy to breath only to think that Hollows was toying with him, he could only hope for the end where he couldn’t hear the sound of his daughter’s voice.

All he wanted was peace where he could raise his son even though he was sure the child wouldn’t last the year. Not many babies do without their mothers.  What would make his son any different from this act of fate? Nothing made his son different from the rest or was there something different.  The man was sure that there was nothing different about his son.

His son was marked even before life had started to fill the egg that he came from. Marked by the Hollows as the last piece of their puzzle in the plan to get back at the humans, for taking what they promise to them back. Building homes and things on their homes, and build for their foods. The troubles humans had made for themselves to only blame some thing or someone else never taking blame for their own actions.

This was the humans greatest down fall, and this will be what will make them soon die out is to cast the blame on everyone else but their own selves.  The loss of 13 kids and one remaining was prime explain of how the humans fucked themselves and wanted to blame their God for it. It was God who took their child breath away.  It was God who sent these things to take their children away from them.  To leave a home that once filled with love and laugher to be now just a shell of pain and sorrow.

Though one night Mr. Miller couldn’t take the sounds of the voices any longer, he started to pack up a few things. He was not going to take more than he needs for him and his son. He was thought that if he could he could out run the fever that was slowly started to set in with his son.

Present Day: October: Hunted Bus Tour: Old Miller's House.
They came to an old building that was over looked by most as Jane stop the bus and smiled at Jack as it was his turned again to speak to the group on the bus,  “So, here we have the old Miller’s house. This very place that Rose Miller had disappeared from, her mother Edna Miller was trialed as a murder but sat at the court house until she gave birth to a boy. The father James Miller took the boy and named him Jason Miller. Edna was hung on at the old court house for the loss of her daughter. Her last words was before they sent her for the last fall.” He stop and allowed Jane say her lines.

“We are cursed by the Hollows as the older ones have said… they will not rest until we give them back what was theirs. Our children will pay the price… much like my dear Rose…The Hollows will not rest until the end of time… when the earth is set back to the old ways… we are fools to forget the Hollows. The hollows of the meadows…” Jane said then let out a blood chilling scream out as tears slowly fall from her face and pointed to the window. “LOOOK!” she yelled. In a window there was a bright rainbow light dancing this light was no bigger than a hand. Jack stair at it as if he was seeing something, everyone rush over to take a look at the light.

The same man that had the outburst the first time looked at them, “Don’t be fear people this is all just an acted to get us to be feared.” He laughed out as he looked at Jack and Jane.

Jane looked at the man, “Dose this face looked like it’s nothing?!” she yelled at the man. As the man bulled rush past Jack, as Jane looked at him and open the door, “I think the door is unlocked.” She laughed as she was still looking as if she was shock and shaken but the man shook his hand and head up to the door. Jack playfully called out, “No come back…” he called out and smiled watching the old man get what was coming to him to thinking that all this was a joke.

The old man slowly walked into the old house the door creaking as it was open with easy but his push. “Hello? You can come out.” He yelled but the house was still not sound could be heard only his breath and his steps on the old wood floor. “Come on kids come out we know you have some kind of light in the window.” He yelled out as he slowly walked inward.

His hand thrust into his pocket looking for something; soon he pulled out a lighter and flicked it on. He slowly walked not wanting the flame to die out as he slowly walked around until he found old stairs that didn’t looked to safe to walk on.  He looked at the stair, “Wow they must have a budget for this tour. “He spoke to the air around him. As he slowly and carefully walked up the stairs testing each step before moving on to the next one. “Come on Mike…you can do this.” He said to himself as he moved along the steps. After a few moments he made it to the second floor of the house. 
He looked around and sighs as he had to find the room with the rainbow light and he would surely find the kids with some kind of light showing off for the tour. He picked out as the window as the bus was still there.  As he tries to figure out if he was in the right room. “Surely this should be the right room. “ He said looking at the bus with many of the riders still looking in waiting to hear about what he had found out about the odd light.

He slowly turned around the room with the only light now was coming from his lighter. As the room was empty with no one in the room, “Odd.” He though as he slowly started to walk out of the room, he heard the chant echoing in the room.
We are the Hollows
Into the darkness of the Meadow
Come and bath in our Light…
 Come and bathe in our lights
the light that takes the life from Thee
As the Hollows will rest in the bones in the Meadow

As the man run down the steps that he had took so much time going up them it didn’t seemed to him that he touch a single step as he fly down the stairs. The house started to shake and trembling as if it was alive. Mike screamed out a girlish scream as he kept running though in his head he could still hear the chant and an added part to it.

“Drip with sweat to feel our creak back. Thy bones will make new homes for the young Hollows. Thy flesh will keep our lights burning bright for another year.”

As he jump off the steps at the on the porch as he looked at the house not sure what to think about what just happened as he was whiter than he was when he went in as he walked back at the bus. As it was clear the house was still shaking.

As he got up in the bus, “I told you we were not making this shit up.” Jane said to the man walked to the back of the bus shaking. As all eyes was on him wanting to know what he had saw inside of the house. But he stay still not saying a word for the longest of times, “There was something in there… but I don’t think it was human…” he said lightly to the group his voice was nothing more than a whisper. Jane smiled and started to chant the song yet again.

Mike looked at her, “What does that song mean….” He asked as she just shrugs at him as she pulled off taking them off to their next stop.

Present Day: October: Hunted Bus Tour: Baca questions of the Miller family
As everyone slowly started to moved back to their seats, one small hand slowly rise up, it was a girl no older than 9 years old dressed up as a fairy, “Excused me sir…” she called out waving her hand now in the air. Her father looked down at his child oddly wondering what she was about to asked.

Jack turned around and looked at the young girl with a smile on his face, “Yes young Miss?” he asked with a light bow with a smiled. This was just trying to make the girl’s day he loved kids and was happy to amuse them from time to time.

“Uhm.. What happened to Mr. Miller and his son?” she asked looking up at him with wonder in her blue eyes.

“Oh, I forgot to tell that parted of the story?” he asked as the young girl nodded, “And your name is?” he asked her.

“Baca Thyme.”  The young girl said with a smiled to Jack, “And I like your hair.” She said with a giggle. Jack’s Mohawk stands out where ever he goes as not many people wears them around this small town but he liked it beside it was parted of his costume this year. Jack smiled  at the young girl and bend down and pointed it to her allowing her to run her hand through his hair as he shiver lightly at the feeling of her little fingers dancing through his harden hair. She giggled lightly as she pulled her hand away. “You going to tell us the story or just make us wonder” Baca asked him.
Jack stood upright and smiled at everyone, “Right, Mr. Miller and his son left the town of Boonville shortly after the hanging of his wife.  There was not much trail to follow after that because the home was bought by a family called the Moores. They lived there for a while before the bank bought it back and the disappeared didn’t stop with the Millers. There were five families that lost so much because of the Hollows. “He explained to them as the young Baca looked slightly disappointed with the ending he looked at her and smiled, “I know not the kind of ending anyone was hoping for special after what happened at the house.” He said as he eyes rested on Mike who seemed to be shaken still.

Mike looked at Jack, “I don’t think they got it out alive…” he said lightly not saying fully as looked away and bite her lips and look out the window.  The  older man must had seen more than what he was giving away as he soon started to looking at each person in the bus as if he knew what was going to happened.

.Present Day: October: Hunted Bus Tour: Heading to City Bond fire
It had been a few hours and Jane seemed to still be singing the chant but yet not really taking them an anywhere as it real was all they had to show as many of the other houses of the five families was gone. But it didn’t stop Jack from telling the tales of the family.  As there was nothing really different from the first one, they all lost their children to the Hollows. Though records called it odd illness or nothing really sold to lead them to the Hollows or even really to call someone a murder but it didn’t stop the town people in doing so.  One family was burned at the stack for being called witches, because they was trying to come up with a way to stay the families from the Hollows but nothing was really recorded to fully know what they was doing.

“We should take them down to the bone fire in the field.” Jane said as she licked her lips, “It seemed they don’t believe these stores so we should make it up to them that way.” She laughs lightly to them. As if she knew something they didn’t know.  “Jack, what do you say?” she asked lightly to him with a sweet smile

“Yeah…It seems we should had thought this out a little more than what we did but we can take them to the city wide bone fire to make up for such a sucky hunted tour.” Jack said looking like he just did an epic fail. As his hand moved to the back of his head and give it a light rub and sigh more as he looked out at the window looking up at the full moon that seemed to glow down at them. 

Jane hated to see the poor boy down and out like he was. So she started to chant the song once more as she head out of town to a nearby farm land that was supposed to be the very farm lands that went dry and unable to grow anything. There is now just grass that will grow there, nothing more so the famer had hope that ash from a few bone fires would help it to be strong to grow something. Little did they know that there was reason that it wouldn’t grow there. Most of the teen agers in town and the few of the tours had come to the bone fire.

Jack looked at everyone and smiled brightly to them, “We stay for a few hours if that okay with everyone. No more than 2 hours. This way we can enjoy what time we have and make up for my bad performers’” he said to them as there was a few nods and Baca sighed as she was hoping for something more than what she got from the tour.  Jack hear this and looked at little Baca, “What wrong my little one?” he asked lightly to her.  Jane was driving them out to the middle of nowhere

“I just wanted to know what was the rainbow color lights were…” she said lightly to him.  She looked like someone had told her that there was no such thing as Santa.

“I don’t know what it was as the one that could tell us don’t seemed to really wanted to talked about what he saw.” He said to her as everyone on the bus but Jane looked back at Mike.

“I saw…Nothing… but I hear voices… singing the song Jane has been singing to us all night… but it seemed to be missing a few parts much like most nurse rhymes. “ he said looking more ghostly and almost looked as if he started to sweat and as if he was getting sick.

“What was the part that she not singing?” Baca asked him.

“Drip with sweat to fill our creek. Thy bones will make new homes for the young Hollows. Thy flesh will keep our lights burning bright for another year” he said as everyone seemed to shiver as he spoke the words.  As he seemed to sweat more as Baca looked at him oddly as if he was crazy, even though she felt the chill that ran through her body from his words.

Flashback: The end of the Miller family
As they headed out of the town of Boonville, Mr. Miller thinking that he could form a new life to forget the loss of the girls in his world. The Hollow knew Mr. Miller’s plan of trying to get away from paying his debt to them. The thing that Mr. Miller didn’t know is that they were going to get what was coming to them.

As he was taking a path well known to most of the travelers as he thought it would be safe for him and his child they would soon found that Hollows was not only in Boonville but they follow people for miles if they had to. Only to infect more areas with Hollows, as the Boonville Hollows join arms with their other kinds and help them take back what was theirs.

As they slowly followed the Miller’s little family to see where they were heading and it was shocking to the Hollows. This only made them think of taking the life of the two humans even though the son had already started to the have the fever and soon the father would follow the site. How could he think that he could out run the debt that he owns them? He can’t… and he won’t.  His fate was sealed when he signed a piece of paper that stated that they won’t take the home of the Hollows.

Soon they found themselves not too far out of Boonville in hopes of finding a doctor to look at his sick son.  As the fever was coming on to quickly more quickly than his daughter’s fever before her mother lost her mind and killed her taking her body far away unable to find her body to give her a burial.

Little did Mr. Miller know is that it was the Hollows not his wife. He too was feeling sick but he would be okay so he hoped.  The doctors try to help them but Mr. Miller could hear while he was alone with his son he could hear the Hollow’s song. It seemed to have gotten louder. As if it was many and not just a few singing the song the very last song they would hear before they was taking away with the Hollows.

The room started to fill as the air slowly seemed to be thick with fear. Mr. Miller was having hard time breathing as he held tightly to his son unable to say a word to the Hollows as he shook and trembling more.  It was only a matter of times before Hollows too what was theirs.  As the father held tighter to his son as he started to gasp for air. As his face was slowly turning blue, as a hollow slowly flies in front of him, her eyes looked just like his daughter’s. 

“Rose…” he whisper lightly as the Hollow may had her eyes but was cold to humans now and even the one that seemed to be so upset to hear his voice was no more.  He shook unsure what to think of what these many Hollows that seemed to have gathered to collect what was theirs.

“One more and the debt paid in full. You must be taken to Father of the death one. For you had thought that you could out run us… but we are many.” The same voice comes out ringing out.

“That our girl.” The older Hollow called out to the Rose voice Hollow. As the small white Hollow childlike jumped at the man that was now burning with fever and started to bite into his flesh of his cheek. The man screamed out scared at this. Was this what they did to his poor Rose? But how could they as this one has her voice…Soon after that many started to jump on him ripping into him with their sharp teeth. He didn’t seem to run as they swarm him like bee did when they protected their hive. He knew that the many small eyes on him that it was pointless to run.

Yet he pulled his dead son in his arm up to his lips and whisper softly to the child, “I am sorry my son… I am sorry Hollows…” In matter of moments he was nothing but bones. They then soon turned to the body of the baby and started to do the same to it. Only stopping once they were nothing but clean bones, they slowly gather the bones and took them off to the meadow that was still untouched only touch when there was a death.

Present Day: October: Bond Fire: The end or just parted of a story?
Jane pulled up to the field that the fire was dancing against the dark sky. She open the door, “There you go, go have fun… and fear not my dears for the Hollows are not real it seems.” She said with a smile to them as everyone got up and head out without a care in the world. Mike slowly walked out slightly fearing what would come of this. Jack watch them and thanked each one for coming along with them and giving half of their money back for such a sucky tour.

He was about to get off the bus himself but his arm was grab. He looked back at Jane for a moment, “What wrong?” he asked her.

“Nothing..” she said as she slightly started to blush. He just looked at her oddly for a moment until her lips met with his. They kissed deeply and passionately. He held her close to his body as she couldn’t believe that he was kissing the girl of his dreams. For so long he wanted to tell her how he felt about her but in this very moment it seemed to be clear to each of them how much they loved each other or at least liked each other. Once they parted they both was in a deep blush as they left the bus and went out to join everyone. Their hands still held tightly as she couldn’t help but hum the Hollow song. This time it was the full song the parted that Mike had said. Soon many of the people had hear the song and liked it so they started to sing.

As they did the ground under them started to shake.  Many screamed out from the shaking of the ground. They didn’t know what they had just done. Soon the fire that was tall as a tree just die out living them in darkness. As there was no real lightly where they was, Jack looked at Jane, “This can’t be…” he said lightly as if they both knew what was going to happened, “Are they?” he asked her.

Jane looked at him just as confused as he was. Soon the sound of fluttering of tiny wings slowly came out of nowhere. Mike drops first as he had a fever that he didn’t tell anyone about then another and another. No one could see what was going on, but soon Jane and Jack started to laugh as the people started scream out.

“Yes my family come and eats!” Jane cried out to them as she and Jack soon started to dig in their nails into their flesh and started to pull it way form what looked like bones that was old and broken. Baca screamed out seeing this as out flew from their chest a small Hollow as they smiled at each other and both dive toward her, “Hush child you will not die tonight. You will be the one to tell the stories of us Hollows.”

Jane told her with a light kissed to the forehead marking her a carrier. They would see her safe and sound in some one hands but they knew that the child would not be the same. Many were not after being given such a gift.

All that was there was gone with no trace of where they went. There was no footsteps but a scared little Baca’s steps that carried her to the famer’s house once she got there she ran to him screaming out to him, “They killed them… Everyone is gone… HELP ME!” she cried out. The old famer called the cops and they tool the child and went looking around as there was nothing there. No blood no nothing. The case of 27 people just up and disappeared.

This case would find their way into the cold files leaving many of the families pointing the finger at the poor girl who was spared. She slowly lost her mind and died alone but the hollows did come back and took her bones awhile.  They felt sorry for this one… she didn’t chose this… she made no pack with them yet they gave her such a thing that left her alone in the cold world.

Lost pack with the Hollows Photo-main

]Started: Oct 6, 13.
Started to post on Oct. 8, 13
End day Oct. 24, 13.
End word count 6,780.
First short story Completed.

End Notes:I had been wanting to get myself back in the mind set of writing stories as this is my passion. Yet here lately my mused has die on me with a lot of the stories that I have tried to write and I am not sure why. Though I have started to make my own self writing challenges to do. Starting next month I wanted to sit down and write a 1000 words per day on a story.  As I had fun writing this as for those who know me on Skype that I talked to nearly every day knows how much I had put into this and how many times I had came to them and grrr because something was bugging me about my story. As I didn't wanted them to help me as I felt that would be cheating. I can't wait to see next month challenge. Though I feel that I have gone over board with this story but I did enjoy making the story as I hope that everyone would enjoy reading it just as much as I did making the story. And good luck to all who have but a entry in to this challenge.
Again thank you and enjoy.
Comments are welcome

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Lost pack with the Hollows Empty Re: Lost pack with the Hollows

Post by AlicesGirl on Fri May 02, 2014 12:32 am

i liked it Smile

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